Pinus Nigra

About This Project

A traditional mansion dating back to 1863, located in central Zagori, which was fully restored and converted into a residence able to meet the modern needs of hospitality.

It was completely abandoned, so an extensive study was required in order to avoid losing important characteristics of its original architecture. Thus, the building’s foundations were strengthened, the walls were cleaned and the joints were filled, while the construction of a new roof was considered necessary along with the installation of new doors and windows.

The new characteristics were inspired by the tradition of Zagori as well as by the modern way of living. In the final result, authentic characteristics embrace the most modern facilities in a natural way.

In the two-storey building there are sitting spaces as well as rooms with fireplace and sanitary facilities, all carefully designed to offer comfort and luxury.

Stone, wood and colour, are typical of the local traditional architecture and are filtered through a contemporary perspective so as to create an intimate and unique environment.


Dikorfo, Zagori




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