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Niriides Hotel, built in 2003, is located in an exceptionally beautiful landscape in Sivota, in Western Greece. With a unique sea view, it combines contemporary features, up to the standards of the modern traveler, with characteristics of the regional architecture. The 60 sq.m. apartments are built around a central yard that supports the communal activities, creating a “core”. The outdoor lounge and the swimming pool, which are located there, have a gorgeous view of the sunset and the nearby beach, as well.


The interior renovation, which completed in 2015, created a new atmosphere with refreshing ideas and bohemian characteristics, inspired by the trips around the world and the sea. The result is that each and every apartment has its own style. The new design focused not only on a colour palette with neutral and earthy hues, but also in fabrics with colourful, geometric patterns and in imaginative, decorative items. In addition, the placement of wooden beams, called ‘trava’, on the ceilings of the apartments have an interesting result, using features from traditional buildings and creating a familiar atmosphere.

The main hues of the bedrooms and the living rooms are that of light grey and sand. This choice of colours, that are found in the surrounding nature, creates a dialogue between the interior and the exterior, emphasising on their organic connection. Moreover, the colours of the fabrics, inspired by the sea landscape, the wallpapers and the various, decorative objects create a unique bohemian atmosphere. Straw hats on the walls, handmade, wooden mirrors, and lamps made of bamboo highlight the happiness and the peacefulness that characterises the specific style. Concepts which are closely related to accommodation by the sea, as well. As for the baths, the forged cement on the walls is combined perfectly with the pre-existing colourful tiles, giving a sense of industrial style.

On the whole the design is developed around refreshing ideas and innovative decorative details and managed to create unique spaces in perfect balance with their natural surroundings.




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