Mikros Paradeisos

About This Project

The project has to do with the redesign and renovation of certain areas of an existing hotel in the coastal region of Igoumenitsa. The main objective was to highlight the capacity of modern design in order to create equally familiar environments.

A study is associated with the rooms, where a key challenge was to transform a room of 17sq.m. into a welcoming, comfortable and functional space. The clever handlings regarding the floor plan, the design and manufacture of furniture in order to meet specific needs as well as the palette with the light and bright colours that have been used, had as a result to achieve the desired objectives. A special feature is the wooden roofs that bring memories of traditional roofs and interact perfectly with a more modern aesthetic.

A second feature of the hotel which was redesigned is a multifunctional space hosting the reception, the lobby and the breakfast area, following an “open plan” design approach. The philosophy of blending old and modern characteristics is also followed here.

The dominant elements of the design are the big table in the reception area, in a classic line, made from solid walnut, a punched wooden structure with a dual function as well as the big bookcase in the back of the space.







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