Mikri Ammos

About This Project

It is a multi-functional space located in a small bay within a lush natural environment, in Sivota. Spaces for dining, cafe and relaxation by the sea were appropriately redesigned in order to create an intimate and hospitable environment.

Our main concern was to respect the natural landscape and to highlight its special characteristics. The area was transformed into five functional zones,  while the three levels which were created follow the inclination of the slope. The plain movements within the space, the amphitheatric arrangement of the levels, the use of natural materials in combination with the existence of green spaces and the placement of native plants, prove in the best way the objectives of this specific design approach.

Dominant element in this project is the central shed, lined with bamboo branches, which can filter the direct sunlight, creating interesting shadings, which enhances the scenography of the space.

Most of the furniture is designed and constructed exclusively for the specific needs by our team, while the graphic design, which follows the philosophy of architectural options, helps us achieve a comprehensive result.






Beach Bar

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