About This Project

It is a two-storey building with a rooftop room, near the old town of Ioannina, which was turned into an Italian kitchen restaurant.

A characteristic feature is the extensive use of wood, the perimetrically placed windows of brick red colour and the various decorative ropes on the ceiling of each level.

The dominant feature in the room of the first floor is the presence of a female “Matilde” in the wall graffiti.

The gray little bricks, the wall styles and the vivid colours used, complete the design proposal.

Regarding the design of the rooftop room, a specific handling is followed having as a connection element the natural sense that emerges from the wood, creating an urban garden among the city terraces.

A discrete element in the space is the bar, which is made of metal shutters that play their own game through the light reflections.






Pizza - Pasta

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