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About This Project

A cafe-bar in the center of Ioannina.

Since the beginning, the main goal was the combination of the old with the modern in a perfect balance, while the guiding principles in the design was to highlight the structural elements of the building, such as the “Zoellner” plate on the roof, the use of natural materials as well as the special lighting.

The large, open space of the building was a challenge that was addressed by the creation of “corners” of different qualities. A large central table has a dividing as well as a unifying role, as it conveys the joy of a communal dining room, while the loft acquires its own, more private nature.

The bar with the wooden panels and the exquisite mosaic tiles with geometric patterns combined with the cellar, which is made of reinforcing bars, are the key parts of the design proposal. The creation of a diametrically opposite central library, offers the necessary balance in the space and enhances its theme through the collection of old sewing machines and retro details.

The discovery and preservation of the old wooden floor and the crude-brick walls is supplemented with an earthy colour palette, which is the ideal background for the selection of furniture and fabrics in vivid colours.

The graphic design belongs to the design team and aptly completes the design proposal.






Coffee Bar

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