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The ground floor of an apartment building, in front of an outdoor playground, was the ideal place to build a creative center, in a quiet neighborhood of Thessaloniki.
The study was based on the function of the space, with special concern to meet the needs and desires of its young users.
The floor plan and the individual spaces were designed in order to serve in the best possible way the daily necessities, -with a forecast for future requirements- to increase multifunctionality and create the right atmosphere.
The three rooms acquire a theme and are converted into a playroom, an art and experimentation room as well as a dance and theater room.
The main entrance in the reception area, is dominated by the coloured metal pipes that go follow the stairs up to the attic, and the offices.
The first room is emphasized by a glass space divider which widens the narrow floor plan at the specific point, allowing the diffusion of natural light and resolving functional issues.
In the next two rooms, variability is the main characteristic which is achieved through appropriate constructions, furniture selection and lighting systems.
It is known that light directly affects human psychology and health. Thus, the study took into account both the complete exploitation of natural light, and the correct distribution of artificial light.
Textures and colours are combined properly in order to create the right synthesis within a space, where they are the key elements.
Particular attention was paid to the soundproofing of the room. Both space dividers, and the ceiling were coated with a mineral wool layer, favoring the parallel function of the rooms, and isolating the center of the habitable spaces of the apartment building. Especially in the dance room, the use of a carpet on the floor as well as other fabrics, enhances sound absorption and the acoustics of the space.
The focus of the design team on details becomes visible by the creation of various structures and specific corners that give to the place a special identity and a “fairytale” dimension.
Regarding the facades of the building, a playful element was also added there, through the use of coloured panels in the openings, which intensify the connection between the empty and the full, offering an identity to the exterior.






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