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A challenge was created in the most central area of Ioannina that of converting a neglected space into an active area with European characteristics and its own identity.

In the large two-storey building with the spacious loft at the back, some key problems were detected which had to be resolved, such as the low natural lighting levels and the low height of the ceiling in a large part of the ground floor.

From the earliest stages of the design, the main goal has been the creation of a comfortable, cozy and atmospheric space through the successful combination of classical and industrial characteristics, but also the finding of unique features that approach design beyond the modern aesthetic trends.

Main direction in the design of the floor plan was the option of creating a multi-functional bench, diametrically opposite from the main bar. The concept of the store has its origin in drink production areas, which sometimes exude a mysterious atmosphere. A distiller specially designed and manufactured for the needs of the space, takes over the function of a large round table, visible from any point. The pipes which continue to extend through the space are the basic component of the place and have a decorative as well as a functional role, which is that of lighting, while the appropriate use of materials and colours completes the unified and harmonious effect.

Changing level, the loft was designed to have its own philosophy and to supplement the space of the ground floor. The “red corner” with the fireplace and the careful selection of furniture creates a separate “microcosm” with such spatial qualities that we find in a house. The spatial elements exude a harmony, while the special details offer the necessary strength and vitality in this cozy space.

The result shows how a holistic approach can function regarding the design of a space.






Whiskey Βar - Specialty Coffee

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