About This Project

The dermatology clinic is in the heart of Ioannina’s town, on the floor of a typical office building with an intense urban environment all around.

The construction of a modern place with familiar atmosphere and timeless elements was our aim from the very beginning. The functional organization, equally important, was based on the existing floor plan that was leading to the division of the clinic in two functional zones. The reception and waiting area as well as the main working space with the doctor’s office and the examination rooms. Therefore, a dividing wall between the two zones and the working place completed the existing space planning.

A clinic waiting room triggers a range of emotions. For that reason, special consideration was given during its design. From the dark building’s corridor, the entrance “opens up” into a comfortable and bright place that is far from reminding a clinic waiting room.

The front desk area, next to the entrance, is defined by a unique stall in clean- cut lines and a wooden false ceiling that embeds its lighting. Shades of grey together with the wood create an interesting design intensified by the hidden lighting. A basic element is the long wooden stall in the waiting room framed by the place’s building components that seem to be hovering among them. The extension of the wood on the wall creates the ideal background giving at the same time a unity in the construction.

The design patterns are completed by the texture materials and the proper color palette to achieve the desired result. The cleanliness of the place is emphasized by the white color on the walls and the ceilings without creating an impersonal and strict environment. The use of wood, the dark floor and the choice of textile in bright colors all create a balanced contrast giving the place the necessary intensity. The division wall is chosen to act as a “boundary” between the other two zones in a very special shade of green combined with the three-dimensional pattern created on it.

Crossing the “boundary”, the corridor that leads to the different rooms is highlighted by the construction on its ceiling. The wooden beams with the hidden lighting create a pattern connected with the flowing movement in the place, indicating the directions.

A minimal and modern design was applied at the doctor’s office. The wall that functions as the desk’s back is coated with wood, creating at the same time a design dialogue with the simple metal structure of the bookcase opposite. The examination rooms are characterized by neutral and earthy shades arousing an atmosphere of tranquility and balance, elements which are necessary in a medical environment.

Finally, the plenty natural light from the openings is boosted with a proper artificial lighting with ceiling spots and hidden lighting, featuring specific parts and constructions in the place and thus finalizing its new dynamic.


Ioannina, GREECE




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