Dandy look apartment

About This Project

In fashion and decoration, dandy look implies adherence to detail, sophisticated elegance and a tendency for excesses.
The renovation of an old apartment in the city of Ioannina aimed in creating a space with its own unique identity.
In order to achieve it, the renovation was based on “dandy look”, which in fashion and decoration implies adherence to detail, sophisticated elegance and a tendency for excesses.
Avoiding complexity, a space with a special atmosphere was created, which is composed of both simple and sophisticated characteristics, including features from distant places or times, balancing between lightness and stiffness, light and shadow.
The design team adopting elements from objects of the past tried to give them a contemporary meaning. The goal was to determine the ideal balance between different even contradictory influences, by mixing them in order to acquire a unique identity.
So, old buffet furniture is combined with modern furniture in a way that makes you think “they are made for each other”.
Shiny, bronze and gold surfaces are interactively connected with their environment, sometimes reflecting it and other times revealing their identity through a creative contrast with the cozy fabrics used in the furniture, such as velvet.
Pale and intense hues are combined with geometric motifs as well as with accessories of different styles, while the Mirror Ball ceiling luminaire (by Tom Dixon House) completes the mix & match approach with a pop subversion.
However, sometimes a place is renovated to such a great extent that it loses its character. In this case it was chosen to maintain features of the old apartment, such as the marble and wooden floors, as well as the wooden doors with the translucent glass, adding a retro touch to the space and completing the synthesis.







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