Blue Gin_”renovation”

About This Project

The renovation took place in a building of the early 20th century, located in one of the oldest districts of Ioannina. In 2012 the architectural office G2lab undertook the extensive restoration and design of the space in order to be turned into a bar.
The new proposal was based on choices related to design interventions in the space as well as decorative solutions, which introduce new elements, redefining and enriching the industrial style with more traditional and “luxurious” characteristics.
In terms of floor plan, the DJ’s area stood out from the bar by acquiring its own space which is defined by an old piece of furniture with a lighted showcase.
The main bar, built of brick, and the cellar with aged crates, changing appearance completely, obtained a classic style with modern influences. For the cellar a piece of furniture with neoclassical references was selected, which gets a new life through the intense hue of red, while the copper colour in the bar is combined creatively with black wooden panels.
Part of the wooden floor, surrounding the bar, was replaced by white marble tiles with stripes in gray shades. The ceiling luminaries made of hydraulic pipes, with simple lines imposed by the industrial aesthetics, gave their position to more intricate designs and to a variety of materials such as glass, bronze and leather.
In addition, emphasis was given to decorative details that create tensions in different corners of the space, such as wide-angle mirrors and objects from another era which maintain and enhance the vintage tone of the place.
The painting on the walls determines the identity of the place and new portraits highlight the vertical elements of the space or are framed as an alternative perspective of classic paintings.
It is understood that characteristics/elements of different styles can be harmonically matched and combined with each other as well as with a space that has its own originally character, creating a “scene” with a unique identity.






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