About This Project

Mantzato is a two-storey space in the center of the city of Ioannina. Its main function as a grocery store of traditional products gave us the idea to study the traditional residences from Epirus and to highlight their elements through a more contemporary vocabulary. These elements can be found both through the choice of the materials, such as stone and wood, as well as in the design of the operating equipment.

In the center of the store, the inclined wooden beams give a feeling of an old wooden ceiling, while the hanging lights between them emphasize the double height of the space. The central idea is enhanced by the composition of wooden crates for the display of products while the coloured tiles and the decorative details add their own tone.

The first floor hosts a café which follows the design philosophy of the ground floor and complements with its textures and colour palette the overall atmosphere of the place.






Traditional Grocery

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