Social centre with environmental planning

About This Project

The main objective was the creation of a center that supports various services and activities which, within the contemporary Greek cities, can be found in different places with no connection between them. With the gathering of different services into a single space, the creation of a center is achieved which appeals to all ages and social groups having as a result the better functioning, the reduction of the cost, but also the best possible environmental planning compared to the case of the dispersed services. In order to achieve the construction of a large complex of buildings with environmental planning, two targets have been set. Firstly, the buildings should be designed in such a way that their energy consumption would be <70 KWh/m2 per year, and secondly, these needs should be covered by renewable energy sources.

Particular attention is given to the design of the surrounding space, taking into account the good weather conditions in Greece that favor outdoor activities. At the same time the surrounding area is the one that links these different functions, making the connections and access easy.

An important element to attract young people will be the library, which besides the stack room, offers many PCs with Internet access, a large collection of magazines, music, movies, games, a virtual reality room, and other rooms were people can be gathered so as to have their own private space, etc…






Social centre with environmental planning

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